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We can help in providing valuation or appraisal

of your business to ensure you get what

it’s really worth.

Our business valuation and appraisal service provide you with a real-time report so you get a complete picture of what selling your business would mean. To get started, answer just a few quick questions about your business and you’ll get a free ballpark range estimate as to what your business would sell for in today’s market. All valuations come from real-time market data to get you the most accurate information. From there, you can decide if you want a more detailed appraisal report, keep growing your business or put it on the market now. From start to finish, Staged2Buy is here to help. Call us and we will send a quick questionnaire for you to fill out to get started!

Want More Information on Valuation &


Need more than a quick, free value range estimate? Want an exact number with the data and explanations needed to back it up and defend it? We’ve got you covered. Staged2Buy offers two paid options for a more in-depth service: Opinion of Value Reports and Certified Appraisals. What do these entail exactly? Here’s a quick breakdown:

Opinion of Value

We created the Opinion of Value Report so our clients could have an affordable solution when they want to know what their business is worth and why, but don’t need to take the time and expense of paying for a formal certified business appraisal.


These are ideal reports for friendly partner buy-ins or buy- outs, parents that want to sell all or part of their business to their child for a fair price, or for general situational awareness. These are 10-25 page reports of useful information that our business analysts create that relay what you need to know to feel confident in the value of what your business is worth. The report includes a re-cast/analysis of your Profit and Loss Statements (Income Approach), as well as your Balance Sheet (Asset Approach). Additionally, we pull comps from recently closed transactions of similar size and type to yours to see what’s going on in the marketplace today (Market Approach). If requested, we can even show you your company’s value trend over time, as well as future value if you supply us with projections.

We charge any where from $1,500 to $3,500 for these reports and can typically turn them around in 1 week once you’ve submitted your financials information.n

Certified Appraisal

Certified Appraisals are performed exclusively by our Business Certified Appraisers (BCA’s). These carry the official seal of the International Society of Business Appraisers (ISBA) which is an organization approved by the IRS, SBA, and other governmental organizations as a legitimate source of a business appraisal that complies with USPAP and other regulatory requirements.

Certified Appraisals are 30-100 pages long, require an extensive amount of documentation, and start at several thousand dollars and can go up depending on the size and complexity. Turnaround is typically three weeks after we receive the necessary source documents from you. These are what you need when a business appraisal is required for bank or SBA loan, legal requirements, tax documentation, or regulatory compliance purposes.

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