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The Philosophy of Results

Each business proposition is carefully reviewed and
analyzed for the best possible positioning and outcome for both parties. Our philosophy is built on quality over quantity.

• Typical down payments are only 5% - 25%.
• Deals are designed for quick returns on initial
• Most of our deals are lender pre-approved.
Simply put, we connect motivated buyers with profitable business at equitable prices.

Dinning Room

Highest Quality Listings

We regularly scour through hundreds of businesses for sale to find the highest quality companies to be listed in the marketplace. When you buy a business from us, it will always be stable, fairly-priced, and thoroughly researched.

Each of our listings include:
• Stable businesses with yearly revenue

in the $400k -$20M range.
• Growth opportunities for hands-on entrepreneurs
• Passive investments for cash flow or equity investors


Our listings never include:
• Distressed businesses
• Over-priced businesses
• Under-documented, unproven,

unprofitable business
• Businesses in dying industries
• Too-good-to-be-true businesses

Buying a Company is a Long-Term


We will shoot straight. Some brokers think buyers are a dime a dozen and don’t think twice about asking you to reveal your intimate financial information in the first interaction.


That’s not a recipe for a profitable, long-term relationship.


At Staged2Buy we love buyers, and give them the VIP treatment. No odious paperwork to fill out. No endless phone tag. No wild goose chases.


Once you complete our NDA, you can immediately start examining detailed reports on current listings; this helps you get in-depth answers as quickly as possible. You won’t get cornered into a high-pressure sales pitch or “private office meeting” — only move forward when you’re ready, but watch out, our VIP buyers move fast.


Even if you don’t have all your financial ducks in a row today, we invite you to open the conversation. When you’re ready to buy a business, we want to be the first broker you call. 


Our promise to buyers is simple: we’ll never sacrifice our integrity, or yours, just to pad our bottom line. We’re looking for quality individuals who value transparency and ethical entrepreneurship as much as we do. That also means we are not afraid to say “no” if a deal or a buyer doesn’t meet our standards.

Ask an Expert

Want More Information on Buying a Business?


We eat, sleep, and breathe business brokerage. That’s why one of our goals is to make sure our buyers (and sellers) know exactly what to expect. We are here to educate you as we go through this process together. If you’re still a little unsure of
what’s coming next, here are some great resources:

How to Buy a Business

Our team of experts has put together a guide on how to buy a business. Learn about our process and each step you’ll need to take during the buying process.

Valuations & Appraisals

Learn how we appraise businesses fairly and accurately. Our business listings are never over or under priced.

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